Clairemont Surf Shop

Clairemont Surf Shop was started in 1976 and since then has built a reputation as a premier surf shop in San Diego County. We are a family owned and operated business and take pride in having a friendly, knowledgeable staff. We work hard to give our customers great prices and selection. We have a huge selection of high performance short boards, speed eggs, and long boards both new and used from all the best major manufacturers like Tony Staples, Sharp Eye, Channel Islands, Stewart, Surf Tech, and Rusty. There are racks and even more racks full of high quality wetsuits, surfing apparel, and you guessed it, surfing accessories. And if you're also into boarding on pavement, Clairemont Surf Shop has a fine selection of quality skateboards at very competitive prices, along with a full complement of skating shoes and apparel.

Clairemont Surf Shop

Customer Reviews

"I love Clairemont Surf shop! The people there are so nice! Plus they have a great deal if you choose to get a membership. The membership is only 5$ and you get a free t-shirt and great deals on everything in the store." - Vibeke S.

"I love going here for all my surf needs. They always help you find what you need and order what they don't have. They have below retail pricing and great friendly service."
- James C.

"I've been in this store several times to get a variety of items. I've purchased clothes, wet suits, and flippers from them. Good customer service. You can join their surf club to get better prices on items. Laid back staff... good place to go!" - Julie C.